Central Texas Stew

Katy Flyer, 1912, somewhere in Central Texas.

Map of the Southern Pacific Railroad through Texas, 1902.

Map of the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad, ca. 1900.

Scenes from Flatonia, 2001.

Castle Rock Canyon, on the Sunset Limited Route.

An emigrants' camp in Central Texas, sketched by Will Porter.

Bob Adamcik's Cafe in Schulenburg was a popular stop for travelers on US 90.

Lakeside Cafe, western outskirts of Schulenburg, 1980.

Scenes from Dubina, 2001.

Scenes from Ammansville, 2001.

Black farm families in Colorado County and the rest of Central Texas generally lived in grinding poverty 100 years ago.

A smoke and some conversation were about the only luxuries that Texas' freedmen enjoyed in the course of a long workday in the fields.

Robert Lloyd Smith dedicated his life to building a better future for Black Texans like this young boy.

Scenes from Oakland, 2001.

Brunson Building, in downtown Columbus, 1980.

Hancock-Heller home, in Columbus, 1980.

Fink House in New Ulm, 1980.