Makes Log of Travis County Scenic Loop

Is Beautiful 32-mile Route Through Bee Cave Country

The Austin Statesman, 1917

That Austin people have scenery equal to that of Colorado or California right at their doors, and that few of them realize the fact, is the import of a statement made by A. W. Griffith and E. D. Allen in connection with a scenic loop which they recently logged for the Austin Auto Club.

The loop in question, taking in Oak Hill, the Bee Cave country, and the lake, measures 32.7 miles, starting and ending at Sixth Street and Congress Avenue.

Listen to the description of it:

"Few people, even though living in Austin all their lives, realize that in one hour's drive from the city one is in the midst of some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in the South -- scenery that if seen in California, or some 2000 miles away, one would rave over. Yet just such scenery is almost at your very door.

"Fancy yourself on a ledge cut on the side of the mountain, then riding on the ridge that has all the indications of having been constructed for your particular benefit, looking into deep gorges on both your right and left, hundreds of feet to the bottom; then catching a glimpse of the valley stretching for miles of varied color until the eye meets the break in the horizon of mountains many miles away. Could you, surrounded by such scenes, realize for the moment that you were only ten miles from home. Yet the scenes are always there awaiting your visit, on the Bee Cave road, which is a part of the thirty-two mile loop of scenic beauty.

The log was made, not only in the interest of the Auto Club, but also that of all others who have never visited the scenes described. Photographs were made of some of the more striking scenes.

The log, as made by Mr. Allen and Mr. Griffith, is printed below (via Oak Hill Barton Creek, and back on the Bee Cave road; good road all the way around):

0.0: Austin, Sixth Street and Congress Avenue.

0.4: South Congress Avenue; cross concrete bridge over Colorado River.

0.7: Turn right, leaving Post road, which goes to San Antonio.

0.9: Keep straight on Tarvia road.

1.4: Pass under International & Great Northern Railroad bridge; turn left around house on left.

2.4: Turn to the right.

3.4: Go straight ahead; left road goes to Manchaca.

6.0: Keep straight.

6.9: Post oak tree in middle of road.

8.1: Oak Hill; W. O. W. hall on right.

9.0: Beautiful grove; fine for camping.

9.5: Take road on right that comes in at right angle; the road you were on leads to Fredericksburg and Johnson City.

11.1: Keep to right.

11.4: Rock fence on left.

12.5: Keep to right.

12.7: Beautiful view ahead and to the right.

13.6: Winding road across divide.

14.9: Take left fork.

15.0: High bluff on left; Barton Creek at bottom: fine view.

15.5: Cross Barton Creek; house on right; keep straight.

16.9: Bee Cave road coming in on right; turn back on this road; road straight ahead goes to Bee Cave, Pedernales and Marble Falls; sign boards in fork of roads; house across the road.

17.1: House on left; follow telephone wires.

17.6: House on left.

18.4: Road coming in on right.

20.0: Schoolhouse or church on left; and winds up hill.

20.3: Fine scene in front and right; road winds down hill.

20.5: Road coming in on right; chimney on right where house burned.

21.1: Fine view to right.

21.9: Road winds around ledge on side of mountain; valley on left and mountains in distance; Lake Austin in front.

22.1: Turkey Foot; road coming in right, going out on left; fine view on right and left; sign board; 11.7 miles to Austin.

22.7: Romantic scenery on right and left; mountain in front.

23.0: Fine cross-country view to left.

23.1: Road coming in on left from Colorado River.

23.2: Excellent view on both sides of road.

23.7: Deep canyon on right and left.

24.1: Roy ranch house on left.

25.2: Very high bluff overlooking valley on right.

26.0: Upper entrance to Marshall's goat ranch.

27.7: Fine view of Austin in front.

30.4: Barton Springs on right.

31.3: Road goes under International & Great Northern Railroad again.

32.1: Concrete bridge over Colorado River.

32.7 Austin, Sixth Street and Congress Avenue.